Thai Massage Therapy


Thai Massage Therapy is performed while you are fully dressed lying on a padded mat. I use my fingers, hands, elbows, and sometimes feet, to put gentle, or sometimes deep, pressure along lines of energy called Sen. The joints of the body are mobilized with rotation, and the body is stretched deeply in yoga-like stretches. This all helps to freely distribute the flow of energy, which the in Thai Medicine is called Lom. When the Lom flows freely within the body you feel great, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and the body’s own healing abilities are heightened.

The intensity of the Thai massage is modulated for the needs and desires of each individual, so no need to worry about it being too intense, it is for everyone! As you lay on the mat you are able to relax deeply and there is space for emotions and memories to surface and be digested. Traditionally Thai Massage was given not only to alleviate physical aches and pains, but also to aid in the quieting of the mind for meditation.

Thai Massage is especially great for facilitating women’s health and well-being and healing any illness. If you do a lot of desk sitting, or physical exercise, and not enough stretching, you will most likely especially love receiving regular Thai massage. In general, Thai Massage leaves you feeling a more of a calm sense of energized alertness than a table massage. Working with the Sen lines is considered to be energy medicine. Metta, or loving-kindness, is offered, which holds space for deeper healing to occur.

Renée’s Thai Massage Training

  • Robert Wooten, LMT, in Weaverville, NC

  • Thai Institute of Healing Arts, Arlington, VA, 2012. Completed the Beginning and Intermediate class and repeated as an assistant. Offered Thai Massage at the student clinic in 2012.

  • Spiritual Sen Thai Massage Workshop, Vinalhaven, MN, with Pamela Herrick, LMT, 2018.