Between the stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.
— Viktor Frankl

“Renée is a very gifted and talented practitioner.

As a life long athlete and Ironman finisher, I have seen many massage therapists. Renée’s ability to meet me where I am, adapt her technique and modality of treatment to attend to what is showing up on the table, has been amazing.

She helps me connect the dots and integrate mind, body, and spirit in ways that enable significant healing and promotes holistic wellbeing.

I am deeply grateful to have met Renée and she has quickly become my ‘go to person’ for my somatic work in Denver.” ~ Kent Frazier, Denver, CO

Renée is absolutely the best! She gives excellent massages and is very knowledgeable. When I was struggling with health issues, she suggested certain supplements and exercises that helped me a lot. ~ Paige Sullivan, Urbana, IL

I've had a Thai massage from Renee on several occasions - if only it could be a weekly routine!!! Her technique is exquisite, her demeanor is professional and warm, and the facilities are perfect. She helps rejuvenate my inflexible, sore and tired body . ~ Marty Kramer, Hyattsville, MD

Renee Royal is an amazing holistic healer. I've had table massage, migraine cold stone treatment, and Thai massage from her, and I highly recommended her. In addition to massage skill, she has a depth and breadth of knowledge about nutrition, yoga/ stretching, and mindfulness/ relaxation. What an asset to the complementary health community here in Urbana! ~ Melissa Applebee’s, Urbana, IL


Since going to Renee I have felt much more relaxed and centered.  Through her guidance to taking a holistic approach to self-improvement I am experiencing significant gains in a short amount of time.  By having regular message, Thai message, health coaching and assistance for my at home yoga practice I am more conscience of how my body is feeling.  I strongly encourage anyone who is looking to improve themselves by starting with your inner body interconnecting message and proper nutrition.  Schedule an appointment with Renee! ~ Kristen, Urbana, IL