Yoga Therapy/ Individualized Instruction

Yoga practice is a great way to empower yourself and learn how to better take good care of yourself at home. Yoga can be adapted for each individual to accommodate any condition(s), facilitate the body’s own healing process, to prevent and lessen physical pain, and be an amazing cathartic oasis for challenging emotional states.

With therapeutic individualized yoga instruction, you will learn techniques for practicing yoga postures and breathing that are best for you. Props such as blocks, blankets, straps, and bolsters may be used. After the session, you will have photos to guide your home practice.

Alignment principles help to create strength, stability, and spaciousness within the physical body and teach optimal posture for ease in functional movement, and to avoid repetitive strain injuries (like ‘text-neck’). Poses are performed to be dynamic in that muscles are engaged while doing static postures, which helps stability, mental focus, new muscle memory, and with practice, a healthier body and mind!

Vinyasa, or linking postures with the breath, is especially great for clearing the mind and moving prana, or life-force energy, throughout the body. It is also helpful for stimulating the lymph and circulatory systems, and warming and energizing the body.

Stregthening poses help to strengthen deeper core muscles that support a strong, healthy pelvic floor and leave you feeling lighter and more energized. The shoulders are strengthened in conjunction to stability and optimal alignment. Strengthening poses help to stabilize any hypermobility and protect joints.

Flexibility is increased safely. Lengthening the hamstrings and opening the hips helps to protect the low back and knees from pain and prepares for more advanced yoga asana practice.

Awareness may be given to energy centers of the body, that in classical Tantrik yoga, are called chakras. Working with these energy centers not only focuses the mind, but also increases energy and blood flow to specific areas of the body. The practices are helpful for creating relaxed attentive awareness which is conducive for meditation.

Restorative postures help you to deeply relax your entire body and mind, and are a great practice to do on a regular basis at home. They are great to help relax and release pelvic floor muscles and any tension pattern. These are especially helpful to assist with falling asleep easily, healing fatigue, being with grief, and healing from any surgery or illness.

Inverted postures reverse the effects of gravity on the body, effecting fluid flow throughout the body. These poses are recognized for their positive effects on the hormonal system and for alleviating fluid stagnation. From a simple legs up the wall pose, to a more dynamic headstand or shoulderstand, there are endless ways to practice inversions! Alignment technique and appropriate use of props makes the benefits of more challenging inverted poses accessible for just about anyone.

Micromeditations and guided systematic relaxation techniques help focus the mind to be present within the body and allow the mind and body to rest in stillness and spaciousness.

Because sometimes you need to turn your life is better upside down :)

Because sometimes you need to turn your life is better upside down :)

Renée’s Yoga Teacher/Therapist Qualifications:

Over 100 Hrs of various yoga workshops and teacher training courses with various vinyasa flow, ashtanga, alignment based yoga, and trauma informed yoga training with teachers including Ty Landrum, Kino MacGregor, Liliah Schwartz, and Off of the Mat and into the World. 2004-present.

Classical Tantrik Yoga study with Hareesh Christopher Wallis, PhD, 2017-present.

Over 300 hrs of workshops and teacher continuing education with Junior, Senior, and Advanced Iyengar Yoga Teachers, 2009-2018.

200 Hr Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training Program, Casey Health Institute, Gathersburg, MD 2015.

Traditional Himalayan Ashtanga Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Certification, Joints and Glands Micro-movements as taught by Shri Swami Rama, meditation, yoga philosophy, psychology and spirituality, Jacksonville, FL 2006.