Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax!


You will receive an individualized massage experience, tailored to your therapeutic needs and desires, to best support your holistic well-being.

With a foundation of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques, you will be guided to relax deeply as tension melts from your body. Beginning with nurturing effleurage, your parasympathetic nervous system will be tonified, as your body learns how to relax deeply and ‘let go’. Helping circulation of lymph and blood, from the limbs to the heart and abdominal organs, the massage serves to increase the functional health of the organ systems of the body, which causes you to feel great. Lomi Lomi, a Hawaiian massage modality involving forearm strokes, will have the knots in your back loosening up and you melting into the table.

Deep tissue and myofascial release techniques work to release deeply held knots, tension, and achiness in the muscles and connective tissue, whether from an injury, vigorous exercise, or sedentary stress. This combined with orthopedic massage techniques applied to the tendons and ligaments of the low back and shoulders can be extremely effective in healing injuries.

Giving attention to the energy meridians of Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu and acupressure techniques are applied to facilitate optimal digestive, hormonal, immune, and mental health. This too energetically strengthens muscles to better prevent and heal from injury or illness.

Craniosacral techniques are used to release subtle tension that may be impeding the natural rhythmic flow of craniosacral fluid that surrounds the skull and spinal cord. This is especially helpful for relieving headaches, facilitating emotional integration, and recovery from any blunt trauma to the body.

Thai Massage stretches are included to increase flexibility and release gripping in the pelvis, hips, and legs that sometimes contribute to back, hip or knee pain. Shoulder stretches help to circulate lymph around the armpit and breast area, and free emotions held close to the spiritual heart. This will help you to stand up after the massage feeling a little bit taller as you experience more freedom in the spine.

Elements from Thai Medicine Spirit healing, and the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, of offering metta, or loving-kindness, creates a womb of compassion, holding space for deeper healing.

  • Renée’s Massage and Bodywork qualifications includes but is not limited to: 

    • North Carolina School of Natural HealiIi’s 675 hour massage and bodywork certification program and Meditation & Energy Activation Course and in Asheville, NC in 2007. 

    • Coursework in Zen Shaitsu and the Ohashiatsu Method©.

    • Thai Massage Certification at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts in Arlington, VA in 2012.

    • Live classes with Ben Benjamin’s Orthopedic massage program for shoulders and low back. 

    • Eclectic energy healing, Reiki 1 & 2, and Spiritual Sen Thai Medicine.