Renée M Royal

Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist 
Certified Yoga Instructor

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My story is one of illness, addiction, trauma and grief AND triumph over many personal struggles.

As a teenager I was sick with asthma, allergies and depression. I was treated with conventional medicine but discovering yoga was my true saving grace.

As a college student, I also recovered from addiction, dealt with trauma, and was diagnosed with thyroid and celiac disease. I did not give up on myself, and my health finally did improve with various holistic therapies. I was able to find enjoyment and meaning in my life and I began a daily, dedicated yoga and meditation practice that included vinyasa flow, ashtanga, and the study of yoga from the Himalayan tradition. With a renewed sense of health and power, I became a licensed massage and bodywork therapist as well as a certified yoga teacher. Now I also include Thai Massage and yoga therapy in my practice offerings.

While suffering from digestive, autoimmune illness and co-occurring body aches and pains, I learned how to better care for myself in my practice by becoming deeply immersed in the practice of Iyengar yoga and yoga therapy and giving attention to precise alignment and awareness to the body’s innate intelligence.

I dreamed of doing research to show the effectiveness of these life-changing therapies and pursued this path in academia. But faced with grief after losing my father and abdominal surgery, I realized that delving more deeply into a personal healing path through holistic therapies was where I needed to go and I made the difficult decision to leave a PhD program in the biomedical sciences to prioritize taking better care of myself.

Most recently, I’ve found refuge and healing in the study of Classical Tantrik Yoga and Meditation, which gives attention to heartfelt presence of emotion and subtle energy, the practice of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, which builds core strength and and directs energy along the central channel, and meditations of sexual awakening as embodied love, awakening union of masculine and feminine with Juliet Haines.

I am so passionate about what I offer and love helping people feel better. After all I’ve been through, one thing has become clear - if I can do it, so can you! I hold so much compassion for our human suffering and have practical tools, skills and experiences to share. I’ll guide you on how to better care for yourself so you can be more embodied, healthier and happier.

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