Blissfull Beings Healing Arts


Sacred space is the place where you can find yourself again and again. ~ Joeseph Campbell


In pain? Stressed? Need a break?

Looking to learn better self-care? Needing support for healing an illness? or injury?

Needing holistic support for your emotional well-being?

Relax! You have come to the right place? I can help!

Offering holistic therapies that support women’s well-being, processing of grief and emotional integration for individuals of all ages, and injury prevention and recovery. 

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes a matter of opportunity

— Hipporactes


Foundations of Body-Mind-Spirit Healing

  • Receiving healthy touch is necessary for well-being

  • The mind exists within the entire body

  • Massage,and yoga facilitate greater awareness of the mind within the body

  • Greater awareness of the bodymind allows for a greater ability to be present in each moment

  • This facilitates, Embodiment, the process of the ‘surfacing’ and ‘digestion’ of past and current life experiences